1)SHORT SIGHT (myopia): Intacs or diamond microsurgery

2)LONG SIGHT (hyperopia): CK (conductive keratoplasty) or multifocal lens exchange

3)ASTIGMATISM (all levels): Limbal relaxing incisions or AK

4)HIGH MYOPIA (all levels): Phakic or multifocal lenses

5)HIGH HYPEROPIA (all levels): Phakic or multifocal lenses

6)READING GLASSES: CK or multifocal lenses

7)CATARACT: Multifocal or wavefront monofocal lenses

8)KERATOCONUS or ECTASIA: Corneal Collagen Cross-linking (C3R/UV-X) or INTACS or phakic lens implants or mini-ARK (http://www.KCGlobal.org/)

9)POST-LASER OR CATARACT: Several alternatives (also dry eyes treatment)

David Jory
MB BS, FRCOphth Consultant

I am very excited by the many different ways refractive surgery can improve every aspect of our vision. My colleagues and I constantly innovate and adapt new techniques. It is our job to know what works, how, why and for whom; but whatever the technology, it must be safe and predictable before we offer it to our patients. Techniques and methods change all the time and the LCRS will bring you what we feel is the best method to correct your vision.

The human eye is an astonishing organ. We have great respect for it and so should you. Any surgery that improves your vision will inevitably have some small risks and discomforts and we want you to be absolutely clear: both in your vision and in your decision. Together with you we can select which procedure will suit your lifestyle, choices and most of all your body.

For us the most important daily challenge is to find the right procedure for each patient. Our success is not measured in the minutes taken for each procedure, but in the 20 years it has taken to build up personal trust, and the continuity of our excellent results. This means that the large majority of the people we treat are the friends and relatives of people we have treated in the past.

I look forward to meeting you and answering your questions with the objectivity and personal attention of one of the UK’s most experienced surgeons. On behalf of the staff at LCRS, I would like to thank you for your interest.

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